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Selling Beauty and Fame

Bring up the topic of supermodels in a conversation and you are more likely to hear criticism and insults than praise and rave reviews.

The central theme of that is the impossible standards that supermodels set. Flawless skin, an envious physique and looks that make men and women drool in response. We're not just talking about female supermodels, but male supermodels as well.

Generally speaking it is the female supermodels who are butt of jokes and insults, usually related to health problems like anorexia, the sheer idiocy of haute couture clothes that simply aren't wearable in real life, and the sexual promiscuity and prostitution that goes on in the fashion industry. In contrast male supermodels receive few complaints and a lot less attention, despite the occasional sex scandal.

The term supermodel was first used in the early 1940s and became popular during the 1980s. It refers to the fashion models who are the most famous, most desired and highest paid fashion models, often with a background in haute couture and commercial work for the biggest brand names and magazines. They lend their fame and looks to the product, relying on recognition to help promote the product.

They usually develop a good reputation within the fashion industry, with mult-million contracts working on ad campaigns for elite fashion designers and expensive labels. No one announces that so-and-so is a supermodel, it just kind of happens when they reach the level of fame where their name is in the tabloids/etc (so sleeping around with Hollywood actors can certainly boost your career). Name recognition is the single largest indicator that someone is a supermodel.

"In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognise the girls." - Claudia Schiffer.

You could argue that Paris Hilton for example is a supermodel. She didn't do it in the normal way however. Paris Hilton gained her fame by slutting herself on the internet and then used it as leverage to end in numerous advertising campaigns for Iceberg Vodka, GUESS, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior and Marciano.

The First Supermodel

Lisa Fonssagrives (b.May 17, 1911 – d.February 4, 1992) is considered by some to be the first supermodel, although she was never called that during her lifetime. She was a major fashion icon from the 1930s to 1950s and featured numerous times in Town & Country, Life, Vogue, the original Vanity Fair, and Time. She was essentially "the It Girl" of the time. By today's standards her looks would be considered too angular, snobbish with a personality similar to Cruella de Vil (the fictional character was loosely based off of Lisa Fonssagrives).

She was born born Lisa Anderson in Sweden. She moved from Sweden to Paris hoping to become a ballet star, but instead ended up in the fashion business. Fonssagrives once described herself as a "good clothes hanger".

She worked with photographers George Hoyningen-Huene, Man Ray, Horst, Erwin Blumenfeld, George Platt Lynes, Richard Avedon, and Edgar de Evia. She married French photographer Fernand Fonssagrives in 1935 and they later divorced. She eventually married photographer Irving Penn in 1950. Both of her children went on to become fashion designers.

Photos of Lisa Fonssagrives

Lisa Fonssagrives #01
Lisa Fonssagrives #02
Lisa Fonssagrives #03
Lisa Fonssagrives #04
Lisa Fonssagrives #05
Lisa Fonssagrives #06
Lisa Fonssagrives #07
Lisa Fonssagrives #08
Lisa Fonssagrives #09
Lisa Fonssagrives #10
Lisa Fonssagrives #11
Lisa Fonssagrives #12
Lisa Fonssagrives #13
Lisa Fonssagrives #14


One of the frequent complaints about the fashion industry is that there is very few non-white supermodels. Only in the last 20 years have African, Asian or Latina supermodels started to make names for themselves and they are still wildly outnumbered but the number of caucasian women and men in the business.

Part of this is probably because for years the fashion industry has been centred around Paris and fashion scouts were searching for new faces in only North America and Europe.

The other part is blatant racism and an eurocentric attitude with regards to fashion. In the last 20 years however the fashion industries in Africa, Asia, South America, Russia and the Middle East have started to boom and grow, with local talent being sought overseas as fashion designers look for faces that are fresh and exciting.

Ajuma Nasenyana for example is an excellent example of this shift in the global fashion industry.

Other examples include: Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Selita Ebanks, Tila Tequila, Aline Nakashima, Adriana Lima and Tyson Beckford.

Anorexia and Health Problems

Anorexia and Bulimia are common place in the fashion business these days, as is drug addiction and prostitution (see below), but the industry is trying to do something about it by banning models with low BMIs from fashion shows.

Unfortunately there is also the Pro Ana movement which is actually promoting anorexia as a "suicidal lifestyle".

British supermodel Kate Moss has even gone so far as to define herself as 'Rexy', arguing it is a combination of anorexia and sexy. Kate Moss maintains her size double-zero body with a diet of green tea and lettuce. Kate Moss insists she is naturally thin, but health experts disagree. Eating nothing but lettuce is not healthy.

But this kind of mentality is both destructive and sets a bad example for both models and designers. See the effect it had on Carré Otis.

Our advice is that if people want to lose weight, then exercise. Starving yourself to death is not the answer.

Drug Addiction

Kate Moss has also been in and out of rehab due to her cocaine addiction, highlighting another problem within the fashion industry. Supermodels, with their immense wealth and partying lifestyle, often going for the harder drugs like cocaine, heroin and XTC.

Anorexia related health problems and drug overdoses are the leading causes of death for fashion models.


It is a well-known fact that fashion models sometimes pose nude and have sex with their clients. You would think it was rare, but according to fashion models who have spoken out about the problem it is actually a daily occurrence.

Beneath all the fluff and feathers of the fashion industry is a thriving sex industry which thrives on sexual exploitation. As a whole the industry is like a giant front company for "working girls" willing to sell themselves for money and/or drugs. It isn't glamourous, but the industry is rife with sexual exploitation, deceit and a callous attitude towards rape (see the Dolce & Gabbana ad below).

Haute Couture

Haute couture (literally "high sewing") refers to the world's biggest fashion brands, fashion houses and designers, often with reference to the trend setters.

In France companies cannot use the term "haute couture" unless they have at least 15 full time staff, make made-to-order clothing and have two fashion shows per year (with a minimum of 35 outfits each for both day and evening wear).

For supermodels haute couture fashion shows are the most important stepping stones to their careers (and maintaining their careers). All the major fashion magazines track what goes on with regards to the haute couture fashion shows and who the models are.

Making a name for yourself in the sea of skinny models is difficult and to do so the models have to stand out in some way that attracts attention.

In recent years fashion designers have been on the lookout for models who appear "dull and lifeless" in hopes to place more emphasis on the clothing than the models. But this is a double-edged sword as such shows receive little press in comparison, and thus not a lot of free publicity.

Having a well-liked and iconic face, something unique, is wear supermodels come in. Selling high fashion is a tricky business and the smaller companies go bankrupt regularly due to bad choices. Choosing the right models to showcase the clothes can make or break a business.

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Sylvain Grenier
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Female Supermodels

Adriana Lima
Ajuma Nasenyana
Alessandra Ambrosio
Aline Nakashima
Ana Beatriz Barros
Angelica Pamintuan
Anna Bayle
Atsuko Sakuraba
Ava Gardner
Ayumi Sakurai
Barbara Allen
Betty Brosmer
Betty Grable
Beverly Johnson
Bridget Hall
Camila Finn
Carla Bruni
Carol Alt
Caroline Trentini
Carolyn Murphy
Carré Otis
Cheryl Tiegs
Christie Brinkley
Christy Turlington
Cindy Crawford
Claudia Schiffer
Colleen Corby
Cori Nadine
Daria Werbowy
Doutzen Kroes
Elle Macpherson
Emi Andoh
Ève Salvail
Gemma Ward
Gia Carangi
Gisele Bündchen
Grace De La Rosa
Heather Marks
Helena Christensen
Heidi Klum
Hilary Rhoda
Ho Chia Shuan
Hzu Chi
Iman Abdulmajid
Inez Sastre
Inna Zobova
Irina Lazareanu
Iselin Steiro
Janice Dickinson
Jerry Hall
Jessica Stam
Jun Kusanagi
June Allyson
Kai Hosihiko
Karen Mulder
Kate Moss
Katrina Kaif
Laetitia Casta
Lily Cole
Lin Chi-ling
Linda Evangelista
Lisa Fonssagrives
Liya Kebede
Lola Corwin
Marisa Miller
Melanie Marquez
Miho Saito
Milla Jovovich
Mimiko Shimada
Mizuki Kanno
Natalia Vodianova
Naomi Campbell
Ninja Sarasalo
Olivia DeHaviland
Paris Hilton
Patti Hansen
Paulina Porizkova
Pinsuda Tanphairoh
Pui Yii
Raica Oliveira
Raquel Zimmermann
Reiko Kaito
Rita Hayworth
Rose McGowan
Sasha Pivovarova
Selita Ebanks
Senna Matsuda
Shalom Harlow
Stephanie Seymour
Sung Hi Lee
Takako Uehara
Tasha Tilberg
Tatjana Patitz
Tila Tequila Nguyen
Tyra Banks
Veronica Webb
Vlada Roslyakova
Yasmeen Ghauri
Yasmin Warsame
Yuka (or Yuuka)
Yuko Aoki

Male supermodels

Male supermodels make up a tiny fraction of the fashion industry. There are comparatively few male supermodels, they are paid considerably less, but with one advantage: Male supermodels are treated with more respect in the media.

Female supermodels get dragged throught the tabloid mud regularly, especially when they make mistakes like regular humans, say stupid things or get caught drunk driving or snorting cocaine (like Kate Moss frequently has).

Male supermodels in contrast get almost no coverage in the tabloids, newspapers and apparently live relatively quiet lives. We can assume they still party, get drunk and get in accidents, but they somehow manage to keep it quiet because the general public just doesn't care what male supermodels do or don't do.

For male supermodels their biggest challenge is staying in shape physically so their muscles look attractive. They aren't plagued by social criticism for the abundance of anorexia in the fashion industry, and overall seem to keep their noses clean when it comes to staying out of trouble.

We should also note that male supermodels usually have a second career and are significantly poorer. Despite the added fame, they still have to pay the bills and quite a few male supermodels have set aside time to work on second careers (wisely realizing that their good looks won't last forever).


In 1968 an article in Glamour described Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs, Wilhelmina, Veruschka, Jean Shrimpton, Lynn Sutherland and fifteen other models as "supermodels". Of these the most prominent supermodel of the 1960s was "Twiggy" (Lesley Hornby) and known for her short hair and twig-like waif appearance.

During that era Donyale Luna became the first African American model to appear in Vogue and shortly after the first African American model to be on the cover of American Vogue was Beverly Johnson.


In 1975 Margaux Hemingway landed a then-unprecedented million-dollar contract as the face of Faberge's Babe perfume and the same year appeared cover of Time magazine, labelled as one of the "New Beauties," giving further name recognition to fashion models.

Prominent models of the 1970s included Janice Dickinson, Cheryl Tiegs, Jerry Hall, Iman Abdulmajid, Patti Hansen, Anna Bayle, Beverly Johnson, Gia Carangi and Christie Brinkley.


Fashion designers in the eighties began advertising on television and billboards, and supermodels became more readily familiar to the masses, household names instead of nameless faces. The supermodels of the eighties also embraced old-style glamour and tried to replace movie stars as symbols of luxury and wealth.

Models like Carol Alt and Paulina Porizkova endorsed non-fashion products like Diet Pepsi to Ford Trucks. Elle MacPherson became known as "The Body" sold more pin-up posters than any actress in Hollywood.


By the 1990s the supermodel became increasingly prominent in the media with the title comparable to the term superstar. Supermodels acted in movies and TV shows, appeared on talk shows, appeared in tabloid rags, started their own fashion franchises and earned herself millions in lucrative contracts.

At one point Linda Evangelista mentioned to Vogue that "we don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day." In 1991 Christy Turlington signed a contract with costmetic company Maybelline that paid her $800,000 for twelve days' work each year. In 1995 Claudia Schiffer reportedly earned $12 million for her various modeling assignments.

During the 1990s there was also the "Big Six", the most recognized supermodels: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. Each were heavily in demand, dominated magazine covers, fashion runways and print media.


In recent years actresses, pop singers, and other celebrities have began gradually replacing models on fashion magazine covers and ad campaigns. Actors are cheaper in comparison and still draw in the crowds due to their fame and personalities.

These days the majority of fashion models also come from non-English speaking countries and thus making the transition to a supermodel (and working on TV, movies, etc.) is a more difficult task.

In September of 2007 Claudia Schiffer said that "supermodels, like we once were, don't exist any more." The supermodel is in decline and has been replaced by attention-grabbing people like Paris Hilton who act and model (regardless of their total lack of skill or experience).

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  173. Kristina Tsirekidze
  174. Karolina Muller
  175. Katie Braatvedt
  176. Kristina Vaiciunaite
  177. Karolina Vysatova
  178. Katja Halme
  179. Kristy Hinze
  180. Karoline Amaral
  181. Katja Shchekina
  182. Ksenia Hovden
  183. Kasia Kniola
  184. Katriina O Kane
  185. Ksenia Konyukhova
  186. Kasia Lisinska
  187. Katy Beal
  188. Ksenia Maximova
  189. Kasia Pysiak
  190. Kemp Muhl
  191. Laiane Lorenzoni
  192. Leona Axelsen Ringstrom
  193. Lisa Seiffert
  194. Lais Navarro
  195. Lera Sheremeta
  196. Lisa Snowdon
  197. Landi Swanepoel
  198. Lesly Masson
  199. Liudmilla Bakhmat
  200. Lara Stone
  201. Lia Kiise
  202. Liya Kebede
  203. Laragh McCann
  204. Lieke Smets
  205. Lizette Lodin
  206. Larissa Bondarenko
  207. Liel Denir
  208. Loan Chabanol
  209. Laryssa Castro
  210. Liliana Dominguez
  211. Lonneke Engel
  212. Laura Blokhina
  213. Liliane Ferrarezi
  214. Louise Adkins
  215. Laura Brument
  216. Lily Cole
  217. Louise Kasprik
  218. Lavinia Birladeanu
  219. Lily Donaldson
  220. Louise Pedersen
  221. Le Call
  222. Linda Baricova
  223. Louise Torsvik
  224. Leah DeWavrin
  225. Linda Nyvltova
  226. Lovisa Ingman
  227. Leigh Yeager
  228. Linda Vojtova
  229. Luca Gadjus
  230. Lena Vostrikova
  231. Lindsay Ellingson
  232. Lucie Prsalova
  233. Lenka Batkova
  234. Line Gost
  235. Lucy Palmer
  236. Lenka Bozikova
  237. Linnea Hellbom
  238. Luize Salmgrieze
  239. Lenka Gubikova
  240. Lisa Cant
  241. Lydia Possner
  242. Lenka Sebestova
  243. Lisa Davies
  244. Lyoka Tyagnereva
  245. Mackenzie Hamilton
  246. Marie Bartosova
  247. Melanie Scheriau
  248. Madara Malmane
  249. Marie Louise
  250. Melina Huettner
  251. Madelaine Hjort
  252. Marie Salembier
  253. Melody Woodin
  254. Madeleine Berrevoets
  255. Marija Vujovic
  256. Meredith Mason
  257. Madeleine Blomberg
  258. Marina de Paula
  259. Mia Rosing
  260. Magdalena Frackowiak
  261. Marina Dias
  262. Michaela Hlavackova
  263. Magdalena Plawucka
  264. Marina Jamieson
  265. Michaela Kocianova
  266. Maj Bjerre
  267. Marina Linchuk
  268. Michelle Alves
  269. Maja Latinovic
  270. Marina Perez
  271. Michelle Buswell
  272. Maja Mazur
  273. Mariya Markina
  274. Michelle Valencourt
  275. Malgosia Bela
  276. Marla Boehr
  277. Michelli Provensi
  278. Malin Martensson
  1. Marleen Berkova
  2. Milagros Schmoll
  3. Malin Ones
  4. Marta Berzkalna
  5. Milana Bogolepova
  6. Malin Persson
  7. Marta Waydel
  8. Mina Cvetkovic
  9. Marcelina Sowa
  10. Martina Valkova
  11. Minerva Portillo
  12. Marcelle Bittar
  13. Marvy Rieder
  14. Mini Anden
  15. Marga van Leen
  16. Masha Novoselova
  17. Minki van der Westhuizen
  18. Margarita Svegzdaite
  19. Masha Tyelna
  20. Miranda Kerr
  21. Margaryta Senchylo
  22. Mateja Penava
  23. Mireille l Amie
  24. Maria Dvirnik
  25. May Andersen
  26. Miriam Erdelen
  27. Maria Granberg
  28. May Gil
  29. Mirka Michlikova
  30. Maria Gregersen
  31. Meagan Collison
  32. Missy Barcic
  33. Maria Mnich
  34. Meeli Mullari
  35. Mona Johannesson
  36. Maria Nevskaya
  37. Megan McKenzie
  38. Monique Olsen
  39. Mariacarla Boscono
  40. Megan McNierney
  41. Mor Katzir
  42. Mariana Idzkowska
  43. Megan Raloff
  44. Morgan Handbury
  45. Mariana Marcki
  46. Megan Shoemaker
  47. Morgane Dubled
  48. Marianna Petrovskaya
  49. Melanie Capitte
  50. Myo Nguyen
  51. Nadejda Savcova
  52. Natalia Zavillova
  53. Nina Maria de Raadt
  54. Nadia Sycheva
  55. Nataliya Gotsiy
  56. Nina Oord
  57. Nadine Strittmatter
  58. Natalya Ruskykh
  59. Noelle Roques
  60. Nadine van Kralingen
  61. Natasa Livak
  62. Noemie Lenoir
  63. Nadine Willis
  64. Natasa Vojnovic
  65. Nora Chrtianska
  66. Nanou Vandecruys
  67. Natasha Poly
  68. Noreen Carmody
  69. Naomi Campbell
  70. Nelly Tsyrlin
  71. Norina Sandra
  72. Naomie Laan
  73. Nicole Petty
  74. Nuria de la Fuente
  75. Nastia Gorshkova
  76. Nicole Trunfio
  77. Nusa Senk
  78. Natalia Halicka
  79. Nicole Wronski
  80. Nynke van Verschuer
  81. Natalia Vodianova
  82. Oksana Tkachuk
  83. Olga Maliuk
  84. Olga Sherer
  85. Ola Koska
  86. Olga Muzychenko
  87. Olya Ivanisevic
  88. Olanna Taskey
  89. Olga Otrokhova
  90. Olya Zoueva
  91. Olesya Senchenko
  92. Olga Pantushenkova
  93. Omahyra Mota
  94. Olga Bakhmat
  95. Olga Polienko
  96. Olga Elnikova
  97. Olga Rakhova
  98. Olga Kurylenko
  99. Olga Serova
  100. Oxana Bondarenko
  101. Oxana Minaeva
  102. Oxana Pautova
  103. Palloma Dreher
  104. Patricia Schmid
  105. Petra Kyzlikova
  106. Pamela Bernier
  107. Paul Pavlovska
  108. Petra Rothova
  109. Pania Rose
  110. Paris Hilton
  111. Petra Kuklova
  112. Petra Rybarova
  113. Patricia Barros
  114. Petra Kvapilova
  115. Polina Kouklina
  116. Querelle Jansen
  117. Rachel Alexander
  118. Reka Ebergenyi
  119. Romina Lanaro
  120. Rachel Blais
  121. Renata Zajec
  122. Romina Senesi
  123. Rachel Clark
  124. Renee Hirst
  125. Rosa del Toro
  126. Rachel Kirby
  127. Renee Lacombe
  128. Rosanne Doosje
  129. Ragnhild Jevne
  130. Rhaisa Batista
  131. Rosie Huntington Whiteley
  132. Raia Lisauskaite
  133. Rianne ten Haken
  134. Ruslana Korshunova
  135. Raica Oliveira
  136. Richelle Dobson
  137. Ruta Palionyte
  138. Raquel Zimmermann
  139. Rie Rasmussen
  140. Ruth Crilly
  141. Regina Feoktistova
  142. Roberta Martins
  143. Ruza Madarevic
  144. Reid Kastyn
  145. Sally Lotter
  146. Sessilee Lopez
  147. Solange Wilvert
  148. Santa Auzina
  149. Shannan Click
  150. Sonja Hulsman
  151. Sara Blomqvist
  152. Sheila Marquez
  153. Sonya M
  154. Sara Emilia Bernat
  155. Shirley Bouganim
  156. Sophie Holmes
  157. Sara Guarch
  158. Sian Abbott
  159. Sophie Meister
  160. Sara Stout
  161. Signija Admidina
  162. Sophie Vlaming
  163. Sara Ziff
  164. Silvia Ranguelova
  165. Susan Eldridge
  166. Sarah Block
  167. Simona McIntyre
  168. Suvi Koponen
  169. Sarah Deanna
  170. Simone Hanke
  171. Suzanne Diaz
  172. Sarah Ruba
  173. Simone van Werkhoven
  174. Suzanne Pots
  175. Sarah Schulze
  176. Simone Villas Boas
  177. Svea Wilkending
  178. Sarah Seewer
  179. Siri Tollerod
  180. Svenja Parotat
  181. Sarah Svensson
  182. Skye Stracke
  183. Sveva Alviti
  184. Sasha Beznosyuk
  185. Snejana Onopka
  186. Svieta Nemkova
  187. Sasha Gachulincova
  188. Sofia Meroni
  189. Sydonie Herrera
  190. Sasha Pivovarova
  191. Sofie Nielander
  192. Szandra Szilvassy
  193. Sasha Volkova
  194. Talytha Pugliesi
  195. Tatiana Lyadochkina
  196. Tiiu Kuik
  197. Tamiris Souza Freitas
  198. Tatiana Usova
  199. Timoxa Timoshchenko
  200. Tanya Chubko
  201. Tayla Collins
  202. Tina Baltzer
  203. Tanya Dziahileva
  204. Teela Cull
  205. Toni Garrn
  206. Tanya Grondzil
  207. Tegan Dearing
  208. Topaze de Vries
  209. Tanya Ilieva
  210. Tetyana Brazhnyk
  211. Triin Villemsaar
  212. Tanya Pilyukova
  213. Tetyana Piskun
  214. Triinu Raudsepp
  215. Tara Gill
  216. Thelma Thormarsdottir
  217. Trish Goff
  218. Taryn Davidson
  219. Theresa Aline
  220. Tuanne Froemming
  221. Tatiana Dumenti
  222. Theresa Arns
  223. Twyla Hayes
  224. Tatiana Kovylina
  225. Tiffany Collier
  226. Tyra Banks
  227. Ugne Andrikonyte
  228. Uliana Tikhova
  229. Ulrike Theusner
  230. Ujjwala Raut
  231. Ulla van Zeller
  232. Vala Thorsteinsson
  233. Vanessa Hessler
  234. Vika Kuropyatnikova
  235. Valentina Zeliaeva
  236. Vanessa Perron
  237. Viktoria Makhota
  238. Valentine Fillol Cordier
  239. Vanessa Retke
  240. Viktoria Zuban
  241. Valeria Garcia
  242. Veronica Varekova
  243. Viviane Orth
  244. Valeria Mazza
  245. Veronika Antsipava
  246. Vivien Solari
  247. Valerie Avdeyeva
  248. Vicky Andren
  249. Vlada Roslyakova
  250. Valeriya Melnik
  251. Victoria Sekrier
  252. Vladimira Cichova
  253. Vanessa Greca
  254. Viera Schottertova
  255. Wendy Dubbeld
  256. Xenia Lytneva
  257. Xenia Markova
  258. Yamila Diaz
  259. Yasmin LeBon
  260. Yaya Kosikova
  261. Yana Karpova
  262. Yasmin Warsame
  263. Yfke Sturm
  264. Yana Verba
  265. Yasmina Muratovich
  266. Yulia Vasiltsova
  267. Zhanna Tikhobrazova
  268. Zora Juranova
  269. Zuzana Lettrichova
  270. Zoe Duchesne
  271. Zosia Prominska
  272. Zuzana Macasova
  273. Zoe Havler
  274. Zrinka Jelicic
  275. Zuzana Straska
  276. Zoe Loveland
  277. Zuzana Gregorova
  278. Zuzanna Buchwald

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