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Fashion Forward: Fedora Femme

By Samantha Viarruel - November 2007.

Considerably vintage fashionís most under rated accessory; redolent of class, mystery, mischief, and sex appeal. No, this item isnít only stylish on your Grandpa. The fedora is due for a full fledge high fashion comeback.

Commonly made from felt, the fedora has been in circulation since the late 1800ís. Despite brief bouts of popularity amongst young celebrities, the fedora has only really seen the light of high fashion in the 1920ís prohibition era, on the heads of notorious gangsters like Al Capone and Bugsy Siegal. These goodfellas adopted this style for itís sharp, yet menacing faÁade. Also seen sporting a fedora is comic strip legend Dick Tracy and in the 1980ís, movie hero Indiana Jones breathed new life into the dead icon, however short lived.

With itís popularity lying namely with men, it may surprise some to find out that the fedora was named after a female character in a play from the 1880ís, who wore a hat of the like. If it worked for Princess Fedora Romazova, clearly a fashionista in her own right, what are the fashion forward femmes of today waiting for?

Starting years ago with slacks, fashions considered solely stylish for men have worked their way into womenís wardrobes everywhere. Pinstripes, collared shirts, and suit vests just to name a few, are accepted staples of fashionable female attire. But do not be mistaken. Unlike other styles that have made the gender leap, the bore of androgyny is avoided with these trends. Raise the waist, lower the neckline, strap up suspenders, and slip on some stilettos. Cummerbund, eat your heart out.

And what is it that makes a woman proficient in stealing a manís style and putting him to shame? Her ability to accessorize. Therefore, it is only right, the fedora follows suit.

Admittedly, the fedora is a tad different and a touch flamboyant for perhaps day-to-day wear, it has to have its start somewhere. The beauty of such an item is adaptability. Gray being Fall 2007ís hottest neutral, a fedora is right on target. This accessory can be dressed up or dressed down. Fear not, you donít have to look like A Clockwork Orange, every time you leave your house wearing one.

Another undeniable trend in fashion this year is environmental awareness. Although organic, eco-friendly fedoras are yet to hit the market, this chic addition to your apparel can be found in vintage and consignment stores. A fedora is also flexible with the seasons. With the increasingly troublesome climate changes, it is inevitable that sooner than later we will be requiring hats to protect ourselves from the sunís ultra-violet rays, not just in the summer but all year round. Why not protect yourself in style? The wider brim of the fedora is apt when blocking out the sunís harmful rays.

People often associate the danger of UV-B with the summer, when in fact, they are hazardous in the winter months as well. The majority of damage to the ozone occurs when the temperatures in the stratosphere drop, which is where the ozone is located. Damage in the ozone equals more damaging rays making their way through to the earth, leaving us vulnerable to skin cancers, cataracts, and immune suppression. Fedoras made with lighter fabrics like felt are ideal for spring and summer, but also come in heavier textiles like corduroy and wool, perfect for the colder fall and winter months, all the while protecting you against the threat of endangering your health. Who knew a fashion statement could save your life?

Global warming trends also predict that even in the event everything human beings are doing to contribute to the ozone depletion comes to a hault, it wonít begin to repair itself until 2020. On the bright side, there is scientific evidence that the fedora will have a place in health and beauty for several years to come.

The fedora has never truly made a full fashion cycle. Is it a ford or a fad? This accessory has a colorful history, vintage chic sex appeal, and is enviro-economical. This season the fedora will without a doubt take itís rightful place as a fashion classic. And not only will a fedora make you feel good in your own skin, it will do itís part in protecting it too.

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